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Xinrenda Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Optics Valley Electronic Industrial Park in the hinterland of "Optics Valley of China". It is a technology-based private high-tech company composed of many technological elites who have developed single-chip microcomputer technology for nearly 30 years, together with Huazhong University of science and technology and Wuhan University. It is the most professional electronic ODM / OEM service provider in Central China. It passed ISO9001 in July 2012, In November 2017, it passed the certification of "national high tech enterprise". The company acts as an agent for many semiconductor IC manufacturers at home and abroad. At present, it also acts as an agent for many domestic IC manufacturers, contributing to the enhancement of local IC industry. The company has its own SMT surface welding workshop, X-ray inspection system, X-ray and BGA repair system, and several AOI automatic optical plate inspection systems, which further guarantee the quality of products;

The company has three SMT surface welding production lines Two tht wave soldering production lines, three testing and debugging assembly lines of small and medium-sized batch production capacity; under the high standard of anti-static measures, it is equipped with X-ray detection system, X-ray and BGA repair system, as well as a number of AOI automatic optical plate inspection system, which has a further guarantee for the quality of products;

Main projects: product development, BOM distribution, PCB design / printing, SMT welding ……

The company adheres to the tenet of "quality first, credit first", and in line with the service concept of "think about customers, and rush customers", after nearly 30 years of deposit and accumulation of honest management, the company has formed its own unique advantages, won the trust and support of IC manufacturers and customers, and established a good market image and reputation.

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