research and development

Wuhan xinrenda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise in Central China, specializing in providing PCBA processing, PCBA solutions and related labor and material contracting services. It is a one-stop service provider in Central China integrating upstream electronic components procurement to PCB production, SMT chips, plug-ins, testing, packaging, logistics and PCBA after-sales maintenance services. It aims to be the best PCBA manufacturer in Wuhan. PCBA processing advantages 1. Large scale procurement, system integration, and obvious cost and efficiency advantages. The company has made full use of its competitive advantages in large-scale procurement and signed contracts with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world.

The R & D Department of the company is composed of a number of powerful hardware and software engineers. The team has 20 years of industry experience, and has served more than 100 countries and regions in the world. It has helped many enterprises successfully develop and design products, and has been highly praised by customers.